Level Two:
Coaching the Person

Coaching skills are often not enough for breakthrough. God is at work using the coaching moment, not just to address problems an individual faces—but shaping the person. Our Level Two Training helps you learn how to better join God in his work as you coach the person, instead of just the problem.

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Level Two Training builds on the Level One skills and IDEA Pathway, and advances your coaching skills to the next level, by integrating coaching skills with leadership development.

Coaching the person is what makes coach training from Leader Breakthru different from the typical coaching training found out there. This interactive, online event builds on the four core skills using The IDEA Coaching Pathway received in Level One, and provides new insights into how to “coach the person,” instead of just the problem. It will:

Create “development eyes” as you are better able to recognize how God is at work.

Identify moments of transition and how God is using the in-between to take a Christ-follower to the next chapter of their discipleship.

Better assess where an individual is, related to the ongoing development and pinpoint the coaching help they need.

Introduce you to new tools and resources related to coaching the person, instead of just the problem.

Learn How To:

Integrate personal development with coaching skills Assess the development of Christ-followers Better challenge those you coach into times of new growth Help those you coach achieve breakthrough around the issues they are facing

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This online training experience is highly interactive and experiential in its approach.

You will learn essential content related to coaching the person by watching a series of “pre-training” videos, and then experience the integration of coaching and leadership development at the online, live training as you receive coaching for yourself. This training will not only enhance your skills, this training experience will change you.

After this two-day event, participants will be better able to:

  • Enhance your listening as you coach with development backdrop
  • Utilize TRAC coaching video and questions
  • Surface the “issue-behind-the-issues” through asking more direct questions
  • Learn how to coach individuals who are in transition
  • Challenge issues of self-limiting beliefs and obstacles blocking clarity
  • Help coachees grow in their individual self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Create momentum for change by forwarding action steps
  • Design and execute a coaching series

Getting Started with Coaching the Person


If you haven’t already, complete Leader Breakthru’s Level One (Coaching Skills) training course.


Register for the Level Two Online Training (see upcoming events calendar below).


Receive instant access to pre-training assignments which needs to be completed before online sessions.