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New Year. New Clarity.

Different you.

Spending time developing you while at the same time trying to serve and lead others is almost an impossible task. Take the guess work out of it this new year with TRAC + the 20/20 Planner—100% FREE through January.

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Where are you going in the next 12 months?

TRAC + the 20/20 Planner helps you answer that question with a simple, easy-to-use resource designed to help Christ-followers and leaders like you identify and go after one strategic issue in your development setting up a pathway to meet your unique need and breakthrough.

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TRAC + 20/20 Planner

  • TRAC360° Assessment for a snapshot of your current development
  • TRAC Summary Report identifying a focus area to concentrate your effort — $19.99
  • 20/20 Planner download with in-depth video explaination to implement — $9.99
  • Digital copy of our book, TRAC: Personalizing Your Personal Development — $6.99

$36.97 FREE through January 31, 2020

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Time is the most precious commodity of our day.

TRAC is built on 40 years of research in the area of Leadership Emergence Therory (Dr. J. Robert Clinton) and 30 years of personal development coaching (Dr. Terry Walling).

The TRAC360° Assessment is a snapshot assessment, meaning it does not seek to be comprehensive, but rather is highly strategic, offering point-in-time results in the four areas of personal/leadership development: Trajectory (Direction) - Replenishment (Self-care) - Awareness (Identity) - Choices (Alignment).

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