Level One:
Coaching Skills Training

Mentoring is the process of giving an individual new insights and ideas, whereas, coaching is about drawing insight out.

Coaching is about the power of discovery. Coaching helps individuals discover the way forward on their own. Individuals often deny or resist the insight they are told, but when an individual makes a discovery on their own, they embrace it. They own it.

Coaching Skills Training will take your coaching and ministry skills to a whole new level. This online event offers training in four core skills using The IDEA Coaching Pathway and will offer direct application to a variety of ministry contexts.

  • Move past trying to solve people’s problems, to helping others discover the answers God was already at work providing.
  • See people take more ownership and responsibility for their steps forward, and move away from being dependent on the coach.
  • Become more effective in one-on-one conversations, whether they were coaching appointments or not.
  • See more people set free to take action, and live out plans and goals they owned.
  • Gain mastery of a simple, coaching pathway that can be easily replicated.

This online training experience is highly interactive and experiential in its approach.

You will learn the skills of coaching by coaching. You will experience the value of coaching as you receive coaching for yourself during the event. This training will not only enhance your skills, these two days will change you.

After this two-day event, participants will be better able to:
  • Listen actively so others feel understood
  • Move alongside and help surface the true needs and desires for the coaching
  • Expand awareness through asking questions that initiate a change of thinking
  • Identify the core, jugular issue that holds an individual back
  • Generate feedback while not giving away ownership
  • Design SMART action steps that will actually be accomplished.
  • Empower the person, not just solve the problem
  • Follow-up to increase learning and accountability

Learn how to better integrate coaching skills into a variety of ministry contexts.
Learn how to better follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in your coaching.
Learn how to help those you coach achieve breakthrough around the issues they are facing.

This Level One training also prepares you to take the next steps in Coaching the Person (Level Two) and together (Level One + Level Two) prepare you to complete the Leader Breakthru Coaching Certificate.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Register for the Level One Online Training (see upcoming events calendar below)
  2. Receive instant access to pre-training assignments (video instruction) which needs to be completed before participating in Level Two online sessions.
  3. Download and review IDEA Coaching Pathway: Coaching the Person e-book (included).
  4. Download and print PDF of Coaching Skills Workshop notes to used during the online training.

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