Level Three:
Coach Certificate

Coaching has become an essential skill and paradigm for life and ministry today. If you are called to develop leaders and have a passion to see breakthrough occur in the lives of passionate Christ-followers, then this Coach Certificate Training is for you.

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Our Coach Certificate Training combines the skills and paradigms gained from the Level One and Level Two trainings, into an ongoing new behavior and delivery system that you can offer to those you seek to help.

The Leader Breakthru coaching model integrates coaching skills and leadership development, and moves beyond typical coaching training. This Coach Certificate program is geared to help you coach the person, instead of just the problem, and prepares you to move towards ICF accreditation, should you so desire.

The Leader Breakthru Coach Certificate Training consists of four parts:

Three, 4-hour, online, training sessions

Sixteen hours of coaching (4 clients for 4 hours each)

Final Feedback Interview & certificate

Introduce you to new tools and resources related to coaching the person, instead of just the problem.

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“Leader Breakthru has provided capable leadership, quality training, and excellent resources which has resulted in an effective coaching system for helping us develop the personal and professional lives of our leaders. We highly recommend them to you.”

— Bruce P., Denomination Executive

This online training experience is highly interactive and experiential in its approach.

Since 2005, over 350 coaches have been trained as part of the Leader Breakthru Coaching Skills & Certificate Program. This training also provides you access to ongoing resourcing and training through the LB Coach program.

You will learn to take the skills of coaching and better apply them to your context of ministry and influence. The value added as related to this training is the translation of your investment into enhancing your skills in coaching into greater, ongoing new behavior. After the six, online training sessions, participants will be better able to:

After receiving your certificate, you’ll be better able to:

  • Recruit others into a coaching relationship
  • Identify the coaching need of an individual and offer coaching packages
  • Practice and better refine your coaching skills
  • Understand how to better help those you coach to change and adopt new behaviors
  • Generate the potential of income from your coaching practice
  • Utilize and incorporate the tools and resources introduced in Level 1 and Level 2 training
  • Utilize the three Leader Breakthru Development processes in your coaching
  • Clarify how coaching is another delivery system for your influence
  • Access to additional resources through the Leader Breakthru Coach’s Back office

Getting Started with the Coach Certifiate


Complete Leader Breakthru’s Level One (Coaching Skills) and Level Two (Coaching The Person) online training courses.


Register for the Coach Certificate Online Training (see upcoming events calendar below).


Receive pre-training assignments (video instructions) that needs to be completed before the six online sessions begin.