Coach Breakthrough
with TRAC.

Getting to the heart of the matter is always a challenge. TRAC helps pin-point an individuals’ needs, then provides a personalized development and coaching plan, helping them run the race before them. This webinar demonstrates how to harness the power of TRAC and bring breakthrough to those you coach.


This interactive training introduces the TRAC Coaching System and how to offer coaching that provides new clarity and insights—helping you better coach the person, instead of just the problem.

Gain insights into:

How to coach breakthrough utilizing TRAC

How to use TRAC in four new ways

How to create TRAC coaching series

The training consists of four (4) live, online training sessions where you’ll learn and practice using these four components of TRAC:

The TRAC Paradigm

The TRAC360° Assessment

The TRAC Report

The TRAC Coaching Plan and Videos

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“TRAC has helped me to gain personal clarity on my own journey—where I am at and what help I need to move forward. It has given me clarity and confidence in helping others experience the same breakthrough!”

— Grace L., Coach
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“As a coach, finding TRAC was like striking gold. I’ve seen the Spirit consistently use TRAC to go straight to the heart, identifying where a person is in their journey and clarifying the core areas of growth potential.”

— Leslyn M., Author, Speaker & Coach

One size does not fit all.
Personalize personal development.

TRAC360° Assessment & Coaching helps you assess the need and set the course, so they can better run the race ahead of them.