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Those who experience our coaching, training and resources firsthand often ask how they can bring it to others. Our answer? The LB Partner Pathway: a progressive on-ramp to help you plug-in and bring breakthrough to those you work with and lead.

Partnering with Leader Breakthru

The LB Partner Pathway progresses down a series of partnership opportunities/relationships, with each subsequent step providing a greater level of access to Leader Breakthru training and resources. Along the way, you’ll find increasing, hands-on mentoring and coaching, helping you to contextualize our processes and training, and bring breakthrough in your unique context.

The LB Coach

The LB Coach is a Certificated Leader Breakthru coach who is seeking to become more intentional in their coaching of leaders, and who desires to better integrate coaching into their ongoing work/ministry. As part of your annual LB Coach enrollment, you receive monthly resourcing from Leader Breakthru and become part of our coaching referral team.

You also receive:

Unlimited use of the
TRAC360° Assessment for 12 months

Weekly “Coach’s Tips” emails

Access to Coach’s Back Office
(podcasts, resources and TRAC videos)

Invitation to “The Coach’s Huddle”
(quarterly interaction time with other coaches)

Client Referrals
(potential of new clients referred to you)

Interested in becoming an LB Coach?
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“Leader Breakthru’s brand of coaching is becoming an invaluable resource for our churches as they make disciples. Focusing on the development of the leader—not just the skills of leadership—has had a tremendous impact.”

— Steve H., Denomination Leader

The LB Multiplier

The LB Multiplier is a Certificated Leader Breakthru coach who is looking to build their own coaching platform/practice. LB Multipliers join their resources and experience with tailored access to Leader Breakthru resources, to deliver coaching in their unique context.

As part of enrollment, you receive 18-months of coaching and consultation to help resource the creation of your own coaching delivery platform, utilizing the insights gained from Leader Breakthru’s 12+ years of coaching and resourcing experience.

You also receive:

Monthly mentoring appointments
with Terry Walling

Clarity and processes that help you answer questions of Why?, How? and What?

Help developing a marketing strategy as well as unique products/processes

Consultation related to website, social media presence, contextualized offerings that are client and need specific

A web portal for the delivery of Leader Breakthru resources and processes

Interested in becoming an LB Multiplier?
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“Quality training and an excellent resource which has resulted in an effective coaching system for helping us develop the personal and professional lives of our leaders. We highly recommend Leader Breakthru to you.”

— Bruce P., Denomination Executive

The LB Partner

LB Partners are like-minded organizations, churches or mission agencies that seek to equip their coaches and leaders with access to Leader Breakthru’s coaching training, resources and life-long, leadership development processes.

LB Partners receive:

A customized web portal for the delivery of Leader Breakthru resources and processes

Two, 2-hour consulting conversations with Terry Walling to insure use and full advantage of the web portal

Access to Leader Breakthru’s wider audience of partner organizations and practitioners

Invitation to our quartery “Coach’s Huddle” virtual gatherings for on-going insights, training and coaching best practices

Interested in becoming an LB Partner?
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“If you are looking for a holistic, God-honoring, development process, look no further than Leader Breakthru. It is outstanding at developing your strategic skills while leading you deeper in your walk with Christ. As a pastor, I highly recommend it. Terry and his team are outstanding at developing God-honoring leaders. If you can only pick one development process then pick Leader Breakthru’s.”

— James W., Lead Pastor

The LB Local Church Cohort

The Local Church Cohort is a strategic learning community for churches and their leaders, aimed at reshaping your church’s culture and program delivery around discipleship and leadership development.

The 18-month cohort is designed for pastors and church leaders who are committed to developing a leader empowerment strategy and an intentional coaching system to see disciples become leaders in their congregation.

Cohort participants receive:

Six, quarterly resource training sessions, each consisting of 6-hours of training

Two, one-hour coaching session in-between each resourcing sessions to help to contextualize and integrate learning and resources

Access to Leader Breakthru processes and resources to utilize and incorporate into an overall strategy

Experiential training sessions that allow for firsthand value of processes and tools that can be evaluated as part of the training strategy

Contextualized disciple-to-leader pathway and future pipeline strategy to help guide the ongoing development of disciples to leaders

Interested in joining a Local Church Cohort?