Leader Breakthru Hubs are regional sites and resourcing specialists that offer personal and leadership development training as well as coaching from Leader Breakthru.

Located both in the U.S. and internationally, our network of Hubs provides a collaborative and strategic space for a wide range of personal and leadership development practitioners and coaches to learn, grow, and offer the very best in personal development and leadership resources in their region. Each Hub is equipped to run Leader Breakthru training events and coaching in your context.

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United States:
Atlanta, GA

Director: Chris Hyatt

Columbus, OH

Director: Steve Hopkins

Dallas, TX

Director: Daniel Allen

Des Moines, IA

Director: Richard Webb

Phoenix, AZ

Director: Keith, Henry

Sacramento, CA

Director: Ron Short

State College, PA

Director: Dan Nold

Virtual Hub

Director: Robert Grant


Director: Adam Fogelman


Director: Joel Lam


Director: Kylie Butler

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