Personal Development.

Running the race set before you requires focus and discipline. The challenges are great and the stakes are high. TRAC helps you identify where you are in your personal development and formulate a personalized plan so you can better run the race set before you.

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One size does not fit all.
Personalize your personal development.

Just as one size of running shoe doesn’t fit all, no one discipleship or personal development process fits all. Each Christ-follower has a unique race to run. TRAC helps you identify where you are in your development and helps you formulate a personalized plan to help you set your course with clarity and confidence as you run the race before you.

What makes TRAC unique?

TRAC combines assessment, resources, and coaching. The TRAC360° Assessment gives you a “point-in-time” snapshot of your development and helps you pinpoint your most strategic need. This book helps you better understand your results, your core need and critical issues that could be holding you back.

TRAC helps you break through by looking at four crucial personal development need areas:


issues of life direction
and values


issues of self-care
and renewal


issues of self-definition
and identity


issues of decision-making
and trust

Access you needs. Set your course. Run your race.
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“TRAC is my go-to starting point for leaders, no matter their season or journey. TRAC not only gives us a baseline, but provides substantive content directly related to the leader’s development.”

— Patrick C., Certified Coach
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“Finding TRAC was like striking gold. I’ve seen the Spirit consistently use TRAC to go straight to the heart, identifying where a person is in their journey and clarifying the core areas of growth potential.”

— Leslyn M., Author, Speaker & Coach

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