Coaching the Person
(Instead of Just the Problem).

As a coach, your job is to help people process, understand, and move forward. Popular coaching models often only equip us to look at problems faced, rather than the development of the person them self. IDEA offers a fresh approach to coaching that moves you beyond problem-solving, to breakthrough.

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IDEA Coaching Pathway (book cover)

What makes IDEA a different kind of coaching tool?
For starters, it’s more than a tool.

IDEA is a coaching conversation pathway that provides you four key stepping stones as you seek to coach the person, instead of just the problem they face. At the very core of IDEA, is a desire to better integrate the Spirit’s work into the coaching process, resulting in not just effective coaching conversations, but transformed lives.

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The IDEA Coaching Pathway helps you restructure your coaching conversations and get to the heart of God’s shaping work in the lives of those you coach.

In order for coaching to make the greatest impact in both organizational settings and lives, we must move beyond the simple problem-solving found in many coaching models and focus instead on the development of the person. The IDEA Coaching Pathway helps you to:


the needs and core desires of those you coach


the issues and challenges surrounding the presenting issue


how God is at work and pinpoint the root issue


on the insight by developing strategic actions steps

This book provides resources to help spot common issues of leadership development, and offers easy ways to replicate coaching as a core skill for leaders.

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“IDEA is becoming an invaluable resource for our churches as they make disciples. Focusing on the development of the leader—not just the skills of leadership—has had a tremendous impact.”

— Steve H., Denomination Leader
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“Quality training and an excellent resource which has resulted in an effective coaching system for helping us develop the personal and professional lives of our leaders. We highly recommend IDEA to you.”

— Bruce P., Denomination Executive

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We offer online and in-person coach training as well as other tools and resources to help you coach the person, instead of just the problem.