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Leader Breakthru has impacted risk-taking, Kingdom leaders like yourself all over the world. Below you can hear some of their stories and how Leader Breakthru has catalyzed their personal and leadership development through coaching, training and resources.

“Leader Breakthru has helped resource hundreds of church, missional & marketplace leaders, between the ages of 20-60s all across Asia to gain clarity of their calling & contribution. The process is simple and amazingly powerful! A key resource for any leadership development pathway.” —Joel Lam, Youth With a Mission, Singapore

“Leaders beware! Leader Breakthru’s training and development will change the way you think and live out your calling as leaders. Having studied and taught leadership and team development for over 10 year I thought I had read everything I could find. Leader Breakthru’s training has given me a fresh perspective and transformed the way I lead and develop other leaders, my family and the church I pastor. ” —Mark Miller, Lead Pastor, Narratives Church, San Diego, CA

“Terry Walling’s mentoring and coaching have been instrumental in my development as a leader. His insights have sparked both clarity and creativity in my life and leadership. His work goes beyond technique and fads to get to the heart—what God is up to in a leader’s life, shaping both doing and being for kingdom contribution.” —Daniel Allen, Daniel Allen Coaching

“The coaching and training I have received from Terry Walling and those who work with Leader Breakthru has transformed my approach to ministry. I would recommend to any person who is seeking clarity for their life to take advantage of the resources and spirit led approach that Terry will take. I am deeply grateful for the leadership development in my own life and the lives of those in our church!” —Andrew Burchett, Lead Pastor, Neighborhood Church, Chico, CA

“Leader Breakthru is a game changer! I entered the process hungry and I was fed with a life-changing experience that clarified my call, defined my role and helped me identify my unique kingdom contribution.” —David Munley, Assistant Professor, Northpoint Bible College

“I was in middle of a major role and organizational transition that I can’t imagine having navigated without the wise guidance of Leader Breakthru. Terry has brought clarity when the waters were murky and given me courage to stay the course when I was tempted to step back.” —Rob Yackley, Creator of Thresholds

“As a young leader, my life has been significantly impacted through the coaching, resources and tools of Leader Breakthru. They coached me through a significant transition, and helped me identify and better grow in who I am as a leader. I am now taking these same Leader Breakthru tools and helping emerging leaders do the same.”
Zack Curry, Jesus Culture

“After spending several years in personal transition I became frustrated by my inability to discover God’s call. Leader Breakthru’s training and coaching has provided me with the tools to discover God’s direction in my life and now, lead others to a similar awakening.” —Alex Gill, Student Discipleship & Outreach Assistant Director, La Jolla Presbyterian Church

“In November 2011, I was in the middle of a transition. Leader Breakthru took me through a Life Consultation, asking not only difficult questions about my past, but questions that allowed me to dream and imagine about the future. At the end of our two-day meeting, I walked out with a Life Plan that pointed me in the right direction.” —Gary Lau, New Hope Christian College, Hawaii

“There are times in life when someone helps you articulate what you have sensed in your heart for ages but have never quite been able to name or clarify. For me that heart-call was coaching, and Terry and the Leader Breakthru team drew it out and provided training that has significantly shaped me and the ministry I've been entrusted with. ” —Dave De Jong, Church Planter, Jericho Road Nanaimo

“The Father has used Leader Breakthru to invest in my life for almost 15 years now. The process of leadership development—focusing on the development of the leader, not just the skills of leadership—has had a tremendous impact on Mission Ohio. Leader Breakthru’s brand of coaching is becoming an invaluable resource for our churches as they make disciples.” —Steve Hopkins, State Convention of Baptists in Ohio

“Leader BreakThru is a discovery partner; providing essential tools to mine the gold of passion, purpose and pathway. As a certified coach and licensed facilitator, I have witnessed the life-changing moments of clarity, focus, and empowerment brought through the use of Leader Breakthru resources. Practical resources bringing about extraordinary impact, that’s Leader Breakthru.” —Emily Perkins, Development Coach and Ministry Leader at Violet Baptist Church

“If you are looking for a holistic, God-honoring, development process, look no further than Leader Breakthru. What makes Leader Breakthru different? Terry and his team take seriously the fact that God has always been at work in your life and they leverage that in coaching. Terry and the Leader Breakthru team are outstanding at developing your strategic skills while leading you deeper in your walk with Christ. As a pastor, I highly recommend Leader Breakthru. Terry and his team are outstanding at developing God-honoring leaders. If you can only pick one development process then pick Leader Breakthru.” —James Whatley, Associate Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“Leader Breakthru’s understanding of how God forms a leader has enabled me to partner with God in my own formation for the past 15 years. In the context of the coaching relationship I have been empowered to discover with greater clarity my calling and contribution to advancing the kingdom of God.” —Elaine May Pastor of Ministry Leadership, Mayfair Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

“There are times when God makes Himself super evident in our pursuit to know His purposes in our life and work. Leader Breakthru is the vehicle God has used to bring new clarity to my core values, my major role, and my effective methods. I now lead with greater intentionality, confidence, and impact!” —Dr. Sonja Dixon, Speaker, Trainer and Women’s Ministries Coach

“The Leader Breakthru resources and content are fantastic. They are relevant for leaders at all levels of development who are serious about their personal formation, and want to expand and deepen their Kingdom impact. Terry’s facilitation and coaching skills are superb! His warm and engaging style, thoughtful questions, keen insights, and inspiring passion provide the context and support to take one’s leadership to the next level.” —Kim Zovak, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

“Leader Breakthru has significantly influenced my approach to assisting gifted leaders toward successful next steps as difference-makers. The coaching skills I have acquired have enabled me to facilitate leaders in discovering greater clarity for delivering a best contribution where they have influence.” —Robert Grant, Coach & Speaker

“Leader Breakthru has provided capable leadership, quality training, and excellent resources which has resulted in an effective coaching system for helping us develop the personal and professional lives of our leaders. We highly recommend them to you.” —Bruce Pfadenhauer, Regional Executive Director, Central Region Open Bible Churches

“If you are looking for more than just information, but transformation in your life and the life of God’s people, then Leader Breakthru is for you! As we work on flipping our church inside-out, we could not do it without the faithful partnership of Leader Breakthru. Unbelievable!” —Bryan Wilson, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Knoxville

“Leader Breakthru’s training has been life-changing! Not only was I well-equipped for my coaching ministry, I was also deeply impacted personally. I have found the coaching paradigm and skills invaluable in my pastoral ministry. People are hungry for thoughtful questions, deep listening, and practical help in getting moving towards their goals.” —Brian Emmett, Senior Pastor, Covenant Church

“God is birthing something new for those I am working with; it’s my honor to be a part of leading others to that moment of clarity because of the skills and insights I have gained from Leader Breakthru. The Coach Certificate Training helped me be more skillful and ready as breakthrough moments occur in leaders’ lives.” —Harry Chronis, Associate Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Knoxville

At Leader Breakthru, we have one focus: Coaching and resourcing the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders like yourself—leaders who are hungry to make their Kingdom contribution, and who are committed to finishing well.

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