Changing the culture of local churches and missional organizations to focus on the development of its people.

Organic Leadership Development is about helping people discover the core steps in moving from being a Christ-follower to a servant leader.

What would the Church look like today if we took leadership and disciple development seriously? Leadership development, in the age of information access, is now about creating the environments and the discovery processes that coach and mentor the personal development and spiritual growth of leaders.

Leader Breakthru offers two ways that leaders can be trained in how to build and sustain a leadership development DNA within the ministries and organizations they lead.

Organic Leadership Development Cohort

This Doctor of Ministry program runs in partnership with Bethel Seminary West in San Diego. Terry Walling teaches and oversees the five intensive classes as part of this D.Min. degree program. Each class offers an important component of the leadership development paradigm.

Overview of the Organic Leadership Classes:

  • Calling — Introduction to Leadership Development, introduction to formation, time-line analysis, core values, two-track formation.
  • Contribution — Advanced Leadership Development, role, giftedness and effective methodologies, introduction to spiritual authority.
  • Communion — Spiritual formation, personal growth and recognition of God's voice and call to greater intimacy.
  • Community — Essentials related to how community shapes and contributes to the personal development of a leader.
  • Culture — Ultimate contribution, legacy, resonance, implementing a developmental DNA within an organization.

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The Organic Collective / Networking Local Churches

This new pilot learning experience is comprised of local churches who journey together for two years, as they seek to become more intentional about developing their people. The Collective aims to help local churches move from being a "program-centered" organization, to being a "discipling and personal development-based" organization.

You and your local church will experience an on-going coaching relationship with Leader Breakthru staff and three other churches, as we learn how to better make disciples and turn disciples into leaders.

The Organic Collective consists of:

  • Two, on-site training events each year — Introducing and advancing a leader's understanding of the leadership development paradigm and how it integrates with discipleship.
  • Personal Coaching for All Senior Staff — Personalized development for each of your key leaders with training on how to develop those they lead.
  • The Development Pathway — Clarifying of your model for ministry, and helping to construct and own a personalized development pathway for attenders.
  • Coaching/Mentoring Training — How-to resourcing on coaching/mentoring the development of your key leaders.
  • Quarterly Cohort Discussions — On-going discussions with the three other churches in your cohort about their implementation strategies and resources. Learn from others who have the same organizational goals.
  • On-going Consultation — Coaching and consultation by Leader Breakthru staff for the key leaders and the overall change process.
  • Lifetime access to Leader Breakthru University — Churches that participate gain a lifetime access to Leader Breakthru processes and resources with no renewal fees.

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