Live a life that counts by clarifying your personal calling.

What could God be calling you to be and to do for His glory? A man or woman's greatest act of worship to God is to live every day fully alive.

Focused Living is a six-session experiential video learning process designed to help you clarify the call that God has placed on your life. Focused Living has the power to ignite a new hope and greater courage in the lives of committed and passionate Christians, by helping them to clarify their purpose, vision, and core values.

After completing the Focused Living process, participants use their Personal Calling Statement as a compass and life direction tool. Clarifying ones calling helps individuals be better equipped to decide their next steps, and to begin to live a more focused and intentional life.

Over 15,000 Christ followers have experienced the benefits of Focused Living. The process can be implemented in a small group setting, a retreat format, or online with a certified coach.

Want to experience the Focused Living process for yourself?