Navigating the transitions of
life & leadership.

Two truths about transitions: First, God does some of his most significant work shaping a leader's life during a time of transition, and second, even the most mature leaders and Christ-followers can get lost during a transition.

It's easy to get stuck! Leader Breakthru is focused on resourcing these defining moments in the life of a leader. Along with the Stuck! resources listed below, Leader Breakthru offers personalized, one-on-one coaching for those leaders who are in a transition.

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Stuck! The Book

Terry Walling's book helps Christ-followers recognize the characteristics of a transition, and how God shapes leaders during a transition. The book addresses these four questions:

  • What is a transition?
  • How do I know if I am in a transition?
  • What is the pathway through a transition?
  • How does God use a transition to shape my life and direction?
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Stuck! Online Audio Course

New at Leader Breakthru University is a four-session audio discussion class, recorded live, as Terry Walling leads leaders like yourself through the core understanding of transitions. Sit in on the four, 90 minute sessions and discover how to coach yourself, and those you lead, through their transitions. This online learning resource includes a PDF download of the class notes.

  • Session #1 – What is a Transition?
  • Session #2 – How do Transitions Occur
  • Session #3 – Three Strategic Transitions
  • Session #4 – Transitions & Decision-making

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Stuck! Transitions Teleclass

This GoToMeeting teleclass is taught by Dr. Terry Walling, author of, Stuck!: Navigating the Transitions of Life & Leadership, and President of Leader Breakthru. Join Terry Walling over a four week period for this series of four, 90-minute, live teleclasses designed to help you better navigate your transition, and the in-between moments in your development.

  • Session #1 – Introduction to Transitions
  • Session #2 – How Transitions Occur
  • Session #3 – Three Major Transitions
  • Session #4 – Transitions and Decision-making

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Stuck! The Workshop

This is a three-session, personal discovery event, where leaders work through the core insights found in the book Stuck!. You'll discover essential, new navigational tools to survive the often treacherous waters ahead. The Transition Workshop is offered periodically throughout the year, around the country, or can be booked as a workshop for your leaders.

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