Strategic insight for those decisive moments in life.

Defining moments often require the perspective of another. God uses these decision-making moments to help reveal His plans. Perspective comes as you rehearse your directions with another.

The Life Consultation process is a two-day, one-on-one, experience led by a certified Leader Breakthru Coach. This on-site consultation is specifically designed for individuals who find themselves at a crossroad. The goal is to provide an individual with the clarity and insights they need to chart their next steps forward.

This process draws from two powerful resources that have brought greater clarity and focus to hundreds of leaders; The Life Planning process developed by Tom Patterson, and Leadership Development research and writings of Dr. J. Robert Clinton and Dr. Terry Walling.

Life Consultations are especially impactful for men and women seeking more than just success, but who are desiring to make a greater contribution to the expansion of God's Kingdom. The focus of the process is to set individuals free to better live the life that God has created them to live.

Life Consultations are designed for leaders who need to:

  • Make decisions about future direction.
  • Gain insight and clarity during a time of transition.
  • Discover or regain insight into unique contribution.
  • Consider new work or ministry assignments.
  • Find clarity and focus in his or her ultimate contribution.

There are two parts to the Life Consultation Process:

Part 1: PERSPECTIVE – A comprehensive look back that addresses:

  • How God has been at work in the past and what your turning points have been.
  • How to gain insight from the past in order to provide direction for the future.
  • How to identify and address the obstacles that might hold someone back.

Part 2: PURSUIT – A clarified direction forward that identifies:

  • A leader's unique passions, abilities and thought processes
  • The best understanding to date of a leader's role and contribution.
  • The strategic next steps for contribution in five life domains: personal, family, vocation, Kingdom/Church and community.

The end-result: A 100-day Breakthru Plan for the implementation of change and/or insights as well as two over-the-phone coaching appointments to help ensure greater implementation.

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