Resources and leadership development tools to meet your current needs.

God shapes leaders over their lifetimes for a unique and ultimate contribution. Each leader is unique in their personal development path and needs. Along the way, leaders need two-types of resourcing.

All leaders encounter times when they need to re-gain a sovereign perspective on their development, which helps them to better recognize how God is at work, shaping their lives and leadership.

All leaders also encounter difficult issues and obstacles in route to finishing well, and need situational resourcing and coaching.

Situational Resourcing offered by Leader Breakthru includes:

Coaching Packages

Staying on track involves work in four core topic areas: Trajectory, Replenishment, Awareness and Choices (TRAC). TRAC Coaching Packages, combined with the help of a personal development coach, offers the potential of a breakthrough in your development as a leader.

One-on-One Coaching: We offer a series of one-on-one coaching packages, delivered by a certified Leader Breakthru coach, each designed to coach your development and help you better navigate the transitions in leadership. Learn more »

Online Coaching: We also offer the TRAC online, video coaching packages designed to be used either individually, or with a coach. Each TRAC Coaching Package includes three, 8-12 minute videos along with a downloadable PDF worksheet and coaching questions.

A Coaching Needs Assessment Survey is also available and helps leaders identify which of the six, on-line coaching packages is right for them, based on their unique development needs. The Coaching Needs Assessment and the TRAC Coaching Packages combine to take your personal development to a new level of growth and impact. Learn more about TRAC Online Coaching Packages »

Training Modules

We offer four leadership development training modules that you can use with your group or key leaders. These are ideal for peer group coaching and learning. Each module consists of four, 8-12 minute online videos, a downloadable PDF worksheet and facilitator notes. Learn more »

Life Consultations

A life consultation is a two-day, one-on-one facilitated experience, where leaders gain new clarity related to their personal development as a leader as well as insights on their life direction. These are especially helpful for leaders who feel like they are at a crossroad moment, or need help with career direction. Learn more »

STUCK! The Book and the Transition Workshop

God does some of His most important work in a leader's life during a time of transition. Stuck!, a book written by Terry Walling, defines a transition, describes how they occur, and explains how to recognize how God's working. The Stuck! Online audio learning packages offer four sessions during which, Terry Walling teaches leaders about the core of transitions. Learn more »

Band of Brothers Men's Retreat

The Band of Brother Men's Retreat is a defining, life changing experience for men, helping them to better recognize God's intent and purpose for their lives. This experience is offered either through a local church's men's ministry, or through a trained Leader Breakthru Associate. Learn more »


Is your leadership informed by the Bible, or the culture? Are you hungry for the Word of God but need some new approaches? If so, thenVerbatim is for you. Explore what "Bible-centered Leadership" truly means and experience the new online resourcing system. (Coming Soon)