Coaching, training and resources delivered when you need them.

Leader Breakthru University (LBU) is our online learning platform that is designed to deliver leadership development resources to your fingertips. Leaders often can't wait for an upcoming class to start, a workshop to come to town, or a new book to be released. They need help now! LBU offers coaching packages, online training, digital resources, podcasts and more.

Leader Breakthru focuses on two-types of resourcing for leaders...

  • Sovereign Perspective — Big-picture processes that help leaders better recognize how God is at work shaping who they are, and what they do.
  • Situational Resourcing — Help in overcoming some of the obstacles and issues leaders face on a day-to-day basis that often stumble their development and capacity to lead.

What does LBU Offer?

  • Resources at your finger-tips. Some of the most practical, ready-to-use resources are available through the resource store at LBU.
  • A FREE Coaching Needs Assessment that helps you clarify your current needs as a leader, and how to determine the resources that can help you.
  • Online Coaching Packages that offer you streaming video learning, PDF worksheets and resources, and a link to a personal coach.
  • Online Learning processes that allow you to work through any of the three, core, leadership development experiences offered by Leader Breakthru: Focused Living, APEX & Resonance. Work on them at your own pace, at the most optimum time for you.
  • Continuing updates and new resources.

LBU also offers a wide-range of free resources, as well as access to podcasts, coaching tips, and more. It's the perfect resource for a leader's personal development, and for a coach desiring to better help those they serve.

Take your next step towards greater leadership effectiveness and visit LBU now »