You don’t get to clarity and breakthrough alone.

Only one out of three leaders finish well. Leaders who finish well make the choice to prioritize their personal development. We resource and coach the personal development of leaders.

Leader Breakthru was birthed out of a passion to change the percentage; to see more risk-taking, Kingdom leaders finish well. With 25 years of leadership development experience, Leader Breakthru was launched in 1988 by Terry Walling to resource leaders who are called to make a difference in local churches and the marketplace. Over the years, one insight specifically, has undergirded the resources and processes of Leader Breakthru: Personal renewal precedes and helps to catalyze corporate change. If you change the leader, you have a greater potential to change the organization, and change the results.

At Leader Breakthru, we have one focus: Coaching and resourcing the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders like yourself — leaders who are hungry to make their Kingdom contribution, and who are committed to finishing well.

This passion translates into two-types of personal development resourcing for leaders like yourself:

First — We help leaders see the big picture of how God is at work. We help you discern your long-term direction based on God's sovereign plan and shaping. Your personal development will help to empower you to bring resourcing and help to those you lead. We offer three, linear learning experiences that facilitate a leader's discovery of calling, contribution and convergence. These three experiences are Focused Living, APEX and Resonance

Second — We help leaders address their current, situational issues. We help you identify and address your current circumstances or obstacles through coaching, on-site training, and online resourcing. We offer one-on-one coaching, online coaching modules, as well as training and certification of individuals as independent coaches.

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